Java Development API's
TURBOIMAGE & Eloquence

The solution to high performance real time access to IMAGE and HP-Eloquence and for evolving MPE based client applications to platform-neutrality

The only 100% pure Java-based platform-neutral native remote interface to the IMAGE DBMS on MPE

ADBC and ADBC-UX are Java-based API's that provide direct real-time access to TURBOIMAGE and HP-ELOQUENCE databases from client applications, without the overhead of ODBC.
ADBC also supports direct platform-neutral native client access to the MPE file system, MPE Intrinsics, Spooling, KSAM, C-ISAM, flat files, and existing HPe3000-based business logic.

The ADBC api is platform and Operating System neutral and can be used on NT/2000, Linux, Unix, HPe3000, HP-UX, to dynamically integrate with and manage TurboImage or Eloquence data in Internet, Intranet, and n-tier applications and designs.

For additionally n-tier scalability, ANSI-Web, the platform-neutral middle-tier J2EE standard application server, provides enterprise scalable database and connection pooling services between ADBC clients and backend databases.

ADBC is platform-neutral and simple to use

  • Run your client applications on NT, Unix, Linux, HP-UX, ...

  • Eliminate slow ODBC and SQL.

  • Focus on the business aspects of the application, than on SQL technicalities.

  • Connect to muliple databases

  • Evolve HPe3000 applications to suit budgets, resources, and time scales.

  • Dynamically integrate and present TURBOIMAGE data in Internet and Intranet web sites.

  • Integrates with development IDE's such as Eclipse, ANSI-Studio, Netbeans.

ADBC provides a rich set of Java classes

  • Direct, non-JDBC, access to TURBOIMAGE and ELOQUENCE databases

  • Direct client access to the MPE file system, MPE Intrinsic, Spooling, and KSAM

  • Java/iX TurboIMAGE class support

  • A set of ADBC™ JavaBeans (TURBOBeans)

  • Utility classes for System access, such as: Spooling, Starting Jobs, Showing jobs

  • Eliminates terminal emulators, green screens, vplus, and dumb terminals

  • ADBC applications deployable with Java Webstart
ADBC is part of Open Commerce Services
ADBC is an integral component of our Open Commerce Services a framework aimed specifically at Companies who know they are reliant on limited life, high TCO, "Proprietary systems"; Companies who need to ensure that they achieve and maintain competitive edge through the new initiative of Internet and Intranet linked infrastructures.

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