ANSI Studio

The open extensible GUI platform supporting the evolution and migration of HPe3000 applications

The ANSI Studio Workbench is an implementation of the Eclipse, extensible, platform-neutral IDE development platform, pioneered by IBM and donated to the Open Software Community.

ANSI Studio Workbench
showing a VPLUS Formsfile being converted into an XML file from where re-usable java classes are built and compiled.

The newly created application will communicate via V+Adpaters to the linked and pooled COBOL program located on either the HP e3000 or other servers. 

Migrating VPLUS with ANSI Studio & VPLUS+

Building Java-based client applications for HPe3000 or HP-UX, with ANSI Studio

Platform Windows
  • The navigator view (top left) shows the files in the user's workspace
  • the text editor (top right) shows the content of the file being edited - note file tabs for each open file.
  • the tasks view (bottom right) shows a list of to-do's (tasks to be done) - none shown
  • the outline view (bottom left) shows a content outline of the file being edited.
  Platform Components
The major components of the platform are:
  • the Platform Runtime
  • the Workbench, which implements the graphical interface to Studio and its subcomponents
  • the Workspace that "holds" the development environment
  • the Help system
  • the Version and Configuration Management (VCM) system
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