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Evolve proprietary VPLUS presentation clients to GUI-based platform-neutrality in two easy steps - No Emulations - No Interceptions - Just True Migration

Step 1.
Decompile formsfile using ANSIFORM:

ANSIFORM will decompile your existing VPLUS formsfile.  The form is decompiled into three separate files:

Form Presentation - Goes to whatever you desire -  Java Applet, JSP, CORBA...

Form Field Information - Field and placement information is placed into a standard XML file.

Processing Specifications - Processing specs are read and placed into Java classes.

Step 2.
Use ANSI - Studio to create a migration project:

ANSI-Studio is a GUI IDE that takes the output from ANSIFORM to create a migration project where you identify and integrate the  presentation, business logic and back end process (Enterprise Information System -EIS) . 

The result is a migrated VPLUS application that can be automatically deployed to any J2EE application server and run its associated COBOL application on either HP e3000s or MicroFocus COBOL running under Unix.. 

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How does the newly created VPLUS work with existing applications?

By taking the output generated by ANSIFORM and importing it into ANSI-Studio, you can create a migration project and deploy the application to an application server (ANSI-Web, WebLogic, WebSphere, Orion ....) 

On the application server side, new transformed VPLUS forms (JSP, Java Applets, Servlets, etc...) interact with pooled V+Adapters (Resource Adapters) via the Common Client Interface (part of the new J2EE Connector Architecture) to the back-end COBOL applications running under MPE/iX or Unix.

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