ANSI-WEB Technical Overview

Bring your HP e3000 servers into your e-business solutions with speed, power and user friendliness

ANSI WEB (Web/iX) is a J2EE compliant application server that provides the tools to easily deploy and extend HPe3000 and HP-UX applications using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standards.
ANSI-Web comes with many features not found in other application servers
  • complete J2EE standards,
  • MPE/iX complete connectivity
  • HP e3000 connection pooling
  • IMAGE database pooling
  • MPE file pooling
  • Powerful sub-program (existing business logic) access and pooling
  • ANSI-Web helps Build and Deploy applications more rapidly
  • ANSI-Web handles all the redundant tasks - developers only code the specific business logic
  • ANSI-Web separates Business logic from presentation and connectivity for easy management.


ANSI-Web will run on virtually any platform that implements Java.
The full J2EE solution
  • HTTP
  • EJB 2
  • Servlet 2.2
  • JSP 1.1
  • JTA 1.0.1
  • JNDI 1.2
  • JDBC 2.0 ( Oracle, Sybase... )
  • ADBC 2.1
    Exclusively for IMAGE & HP-UX
Connect to any of your HP e3000's from any platform running ANSI-Web
Pooling offers Additional MPE Performance Features
Business Objects
WebiX comes with pre-written business objects If these objects don't comply with your business, just extend our objects and keep the standard business practices and add your unique "tweak"

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