MPE/iX Enterprise Client The complete real-time solution for client access to Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Enterprise Applications from HPe3000 sub-programs
MPE/iX Enterprise Client is a client-side and middleware API solution that uses native SQL commands to access your relational Databases. The middleware can be run on any platform (MPE/iX, Unix, Linux, Mac, NT...) to meet needs and requirements.
Access to stored procedures is supported as are batch updates for outstanding update performance.
MPE/iX Enterprise Client is not just limited to relational databases. The Enterprise client (MPE/iX subprograms) can also call Java classes, Java Enterprise Beans, email servers, and undertake enterprise transactions such as with SAP, and PeopleSoft...
Programs can easily be transported to Microfocus COBOL and Pro*Cobol without any programming changes.
Major Features
  • HP Subprogram for real-time access (Read/Write) to any Relational Database (Oracle, DB2, Sybase...) residing on any platform (Unix, Linux, NT, Windows 2000...)

  • Call any database's stored procedures from your HP e3000 program!

  • Supports Embedded SQL and a precompiler. 

  • HP3000 embedded SQL programs can be compiled using Oracle's Pro*Cobol

  • Subprogram access to the operating system environment where your enterprise server is running.

  • HP Subprogram for real-time  access to SMTP and POP3 mail server to send and receive email in your HP e3000 programs

  • HP Subprograms to access EJB's running in a J2EE Environment (Web/iX, Websphere, WebLogic...)

  • Libraries to access
    • SAP/R3 transactions via BAPI
    • SAP's I-Q-MY application server
    • SOAP services

  Easy to use subprograms
    Establishes connection to Oracle, DB2 via pooled connections...

    Submits SQL statement to database.

    Calls a database stored procedure.

    Scroll through results set

    column_name, column_value, status

  • ANSIINT...
    Gets the data item value from the database.

    Closes and releases database pool.
Deployment Possibilites
  • Single Server
  • Client/Server
  • N-tier
Performance Features
  • Does not require ADO or ODBC drivers
  • Implements database pooling in the middleware
  • Uses high performance native access
  • Middleware runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, and MPE
MPE/iX Client COBOL example
Select and join two DB2 tables located on a Windows 2000 server, extract a few fields and sort by PROJNO.
The results will be displayed in the STDLIST.
Resource Adapter Flexibility
MPE/iX Native Resource Adapters for J2EE application Servers. Change from Oracle to IMAGE access; just swap the resource adapter and you have access without any programming changes.

Similarly changing from IMAGE to Oracle or swapping any database access, JDBC compliant or not, just requires a change of resource adapter.
Use a native, Common Client Interface (CCI) for IMAGE, Oracle, DB2, Sybase,MS SQL Server, SAP/R3, PeopleSoft, CICS..., that plugs seamlessly into any application server (ANSI-Web, Orion, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss) without additional overhead (ODBC).
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