Migrating VPLUS with ANSI Studio The open extensible GUI platform supporting the evolution
and migration of HPe3000 VPLUS applications
Files are imported from the ANSIFORM program that decompiles the HP e3000 VPLUS formsfile into ANSI-Studio as a Project. 

VPLUS Wizards will allow existing forms to be modified or enable a whole new "look and feel" to be created using JSP, or other client-side or server-side components; even Java Applets. 

The project is then built, which links all the XML files, compiles all the Java code and creates J2EE standard .war and .ear files for deployment into a J2EE application server. 

ANSI Studio Workbench

VPLUS Formsfiles are converted into XML files. 

The files identify the field information and placement.

ANSI Studio Workbench

Processing Specifications are converted into re-usable Java classes that can be compiled and built in the ANSI-Studio. 

ANSI Studio Workbench

The newly created application will communicate via the V+Adpaters to the host COBOL program located either natively on the HPe3000 or migrated to a Unix (HP-UX or Linux) server giving access to migrated Turboimage data in Eloquence databases. 
Platform Windows
  • The navigator view (top left) shows the projects & files in the user's workspace.
  • the text editor (top right) shows the content of the current file being edited. Note the tabs for other files opne in the editor
  • the tasks view (bottom right) shows a list of to-do's (tasks to be completed) One item shown here.
  • the outline view (bottom left) shows a content outline of the file being edited - variables, methods, etc..
Platform Components
  • The major components of the platform are: the Platform Runtime
  • the Workbench, which implements the graphical interface to Studio and its subcomponents
  • the Workspace that "holds" the development environment
  • the Help system
  • the Version and Configuration Management (VCM) system

ANSI Studio with ADBC
ANSI Studio introduction

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