TRAX COBOL Multi-Window Source Level Debugger for the HP3000 MPE Migrating or Homesteading,
Consolidating or Integrating ?
TRAX is the solution to your development and support needs.
TRAX provides a set of sophisticated tools which enable the programmer to interact with the executable program at the source code level, supporting all the usual debugger features, such as single stepping, but executed interactively via the source code statement

The TRAX source level debugger from CCS is the first product on the HP3000 to provide source level and assembley level program debugging as well as support for debugging VPLUS applications on one screen..
THE OPERATOR INTERFACE ---> The User's display divides into two primary windows and several optional secondary ones. The source code is displayed in the upper window as it is executed. In the lower window, the User has full control over the executing program. Optional windows include an Assembley language window and a machine status window
V/PLUS CAPABILITY ---> Interactivley debug COBOL programs that make calls to VPLUS using only one screen.
SINGLE STEP ANIMATION ---> Provides visible single stepping of the application program. Features both Step-into and Step-over operations.
NO SPECIAL PRE-PASS ---> Just add a $CONTROL SYMDEBUG statement to the COBOL source code file and recompile. Trax uses the source code file to display the active source code.
ASSEMBLEY LANGUAGE WHEN NEEDED ---> Displays both the Source code window and the Assembley language window in syncronism
DISPLAY & CHANGE VARIABLES ---> Variable values can be displayed and changed by using the source code name of the variable.
ON-LINE HELP ---> Help information is held in a user modifiable file maintained by the MPE message processing subsystem
Compatible with Programmer Studio ---> TRAX is fully comaptible with Programmer Studio.
See the Programmer Studio support page for further details
DOWNLOADS and ENQUIRIES ---> Documentation (User Guide) Download
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  TRAX is also available for debugging 'C' language programs on MPE
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